Tips to Choose Purse According to Your Body Type

Do you purchase purses without any purpose then it is the time for you to buy purses according to your body size. It is very important because every purse is not ideal for every woman. Moreover, purses like tote or handbags are very necessary to complete a woman’s wardrobe. If you want to have a flattering look then purchase a purse proportionate to your body shape and size. Here are some tips that you should follow to get perfect size purse according to your body type.

  1. PetiteFigures:

If you are someone with petite figure then your purse should be smaller in size in order to match the proportion of your frame. To add visual height, you can choose tall purse. A purse in saddlebag style will work great if it is not too large. If you are looking for large tote or purse then you should look for the one that is relatively structured and has short strap. For casual look, you can choose cross-body bag that is comfortable according to your size. You can also choose a slouchier bag but it should have small size.

  1. Straight Shapes:

Athletic or boyish women should carry off softer and slouchier handbags that are large in size to complement their straight and slim figures. Choose a handbag that can contrast well with your body. For a casual wear, you can opt for easygoing bucket-style bags. For office wear, top-handled bags are appropriate but not in square or structured styles. Make sure that straps and handles of your bag are comfortable according to your taller frame.

  1. CurvyBodies:

If you are a person with a curvy body then it is good for you to select structured totes and purses rather than slouch ones. Ladylike vintage styles and squared-off satchels pair well with curvy or rounded shapes. Busty women should choose a bag which can hit lower part of the body but avoid shoulder straps which can place the bag on bust area or underarm. Apple-shaped women should go for those bags that can sit higher on their body and closer to their bust. If you have large hips then you should avoid those bags that hit the hip such as a cross-body bag rather choose those bags that touch upper part of your body.

  1. Plus Size:

Women with plus-sized bodies come in all shapes from curvy hourglass to straight. A thin canvas tote bag and slouchy hobo purse both are good options for plus size women. If plus size women wear slim and thin bags then they will lie lightly and loosely against their body without adding bulk in their weight but pick the one which has lots of accents on hardware and handles. A wallet-sized cross body bag or tiny clutch will not suit your figure but a medium to large bucket bag or satchel will work well with your body.

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